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2019 Winner

I am Caroline, your reigning Jr Teen Regency International! I am a sophomore in high school and a member of the nation’s only Advanced Nursing Program. I was selected from over 1000 applicants to participate and will graduate high school as a licensed vocational nurse. Other than maintaining a perfect GPA 😉, I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling and Representing my personal platform “Caroline Cares” Where we support and embrace all of our differences #YouAreEnough! I am so honored to be a part of the Regency international system. This title has allowed me so many opportunities to speak up and serve my community. During the past few months since being crowned, I have had the pleasure of speaking at numerous events providing teens information with resources they can go to for bullying, peer counseling, etc…. Remember to give someone a compliment today! One small act of kindness like a compliment can change someone’s entire day! Peace ✌️, Love ❤️, and hugs 🤗 to all!


2019 Jr Teen Regency International

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