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Sofia Mayers

2019 Winner

Representing my home country – the United Kingdom, on an international stage was a dream come true! But now I also hold the great honor to be an ambassador for The Regency International pageant as their reigning Miss Queen. My platform is a positive body image, as I believe every individual holds beauty within them whether they are unable to see it or not. Throughout my choice of work, I am able to create pieces of artwork to be put on the body to help boost people’s self-confidence, covering scars or imperfections on the skin. The Regency International Pageant has given me such incredible opportunities and I always highly recommend this system to all women; throughout my travels attending public appearances and charitable events. Regency isn’t just a pageant it is a lifetime sisterhood that unites women from all over the world!

Sofia Mayers

Miss Regency International 2019

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