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Regency International Pageant Announces Europe Expansion for 2020 Pageant Year.

The upcoming Regency International Pagent is set to start Europe preliminaries after the crowning of the 2020 Regency International Titleholders are crowned on August 1, 2020

Regency International Pageant 2019 Winners

Regency International Pageant 2019 Winners

(Las Vegas, NV) Originally established in 2013, the Regency International Beauty Pageant was created after months of effort and research by the owner and International Director Terri Dingle. When naming the pageant, Dingle wanted to choose a name that reflected both royalty and pageantry. The Regency era of time occurred for approximately a decade, from the years of 1811 to 1823 during the reign of King George III and IV. This period of time was all about etiquette and elegance, a romantic world full of duels and formal balls. Starting August 2020 Regency International will be expanding into Europe.   The European directors will Tina De Bear and Dani De Bear. Danni is a former 2016, Ms. Regency International.   Tina and Danni have been directors in the Regency organization since 2017. They have been the United Kingdom Directors for 3 years.  Winners under their United Kingdom pageant, that have gone on to win the International Titles are 2017 Miss Jade Wade, 2017 Mrs. Jayne Bradshaw, 2018 Teen Regency International Chloe Ellman-Baker,  2018 Miss Regency International Natalie Nason, 2019 Miss Regency International Sofia Mayers, 2019 Mrs. Regency International Lea Hutchs, 2019 Teen Regency International Lucy Rayner, and 2019 Classic Regency International Sonja Wilson.  “This year, our Regency International Beauty Pageant is going to be held starting on July 29th and run through August 1, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino,” stated owner Terri Dingle. “Contestants who Sign-Up will come from all around the world. Some of the countries that are going to be represented include the United Kingdom, several from regions and states in the United States, Puerto Rico, Peru, Philippians, Columbia, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, South Africa, Mexico, India, Canada, the Bahamas, Africa,  Australia, and New Zealand.” The prize package for this year’s winners is going to consist of a seven-day queens cruise to locations including Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Mexico. An added bonus is the chance winners will have to work with Art and Beauty Magazine, Beauty it’s Everywhere and a chance to walking in New York Fashion Week. “Our beauty pageant is designed to celebrate beauty, culture, and style,” continued Dingle. “The prize package given to the winners of this year’s event is bigger than ever before, and we hope our contestants are thrilled with the opportunity to take part in this prestigious and amazing pageant – regardless of where they are from. With several age categories, everyone interested in the pageant will have an opportunity to participate.” Additional information about the Regency International Pageant and how to sign-up for the 2020 event can be found by visiting the organization’s website or by contacting those in charge. ABOUT REGENCY INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT The Regency International Pageant was originally started in 2013 by the owner and International Director, Terri Dingle. The pageant was created to provide those who appreciate and enjoy beauty pageants the opportunity to participate in one that’s focused on elegance, etiquette, self-confidence, community service, and friendships. It’s a unique pageant that offers the opportunity for several age groups to participate including the Tiny Miss, Petite Miss, Little Miss, Jr. Miss, Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., Mrs., and Classic groups. Media Contact Terri Dingle Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 regencyinternationalpageant@gmail.com 832-721-4872 https://regencyinternationalpageant.com/regency-international-pageant-page/  

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