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Lea Hutchs

2019 Winner

Words can not describe how blessed and humbled I feel to have had the opportunity to not only compete in the amazing Regency International pageant competition but to also win the Mrs. Regency International Title.

I am forever grateful for this experience and I’m eager and committed to performing as the New 2019 Mrs. Regency International queen.

I am very new to pageants so I understand I have a lot to still learn but for a long time, I have longed for a platform that allows me the chance to break out of the shell I’ve been in for most my life and to be a part of a supportive community and family. I have charities very close to my heart that I really longed to support and raise awareness of and pageants have really helped me to do this and helped me reach the ears of people I wouldn’t have normally ever had access to.

Pageantry has given me the chance to be creative and as a person who is Autistic Dyslexic the chance to try and overcome insecurities and fears that I have long had. Regency International has helped empower me to find new confidence and I truly have enjoyed every moment of this experience.

Lea Hutchs

2019 Mrs. Regency International

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