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Megan Cline

Pageant Magic

I live in Oklahoma and one thing any good ol’ Okie girl knows is that in the fall, college ball reigns supreme. Around these parts, it’s the Cowboys and the Sooners. Since I am an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma, I fall into the category of a Sooner. Being a Sooner, means I know all about “Sooner Magic”. So what is “Sooner Magic” and why is it on the Regency International Pageant Page? Well to answer that, I have to explain what “Sooner Magic” is.

 “Sooner Magic” has been around since one of the greatest football games in collegiate history, played in 1976 against Nebraska. Seriously, this game was so big that ESPN still airs replays and has done multiple specials about it. “Sooner Magic” was originally defined as an unnatural phenomenon that wouldn’t allow the Oklahoma football team to lose. Now the Sooners have faced defeat since 1976, but “Sooner Magic still remains strong and these days, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.

One college student defined “Soner Magic” the best in an article on oudaily. “Win or lose, we are still Sooners born and bred. Behind our sports teams lies a university full of interesting and exciting people. OU welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel at home. Maybe Sooner Magic is making life-long friends or graduating even after six majors and six years. Maybe it is making the grades, or having brothers or sisters though a greek organization. When people who do not know what Sooner Magic is ask about our university, our eyes should twinkle a little at the knowledge that we have a special place. Whatever it is that makes that place special, that is the magic you should speak of to others. So, whatever Sooner Magic is, it is more than mere sports. Sooner Magic is in all of us.” (Sarah Rice)

So how does “Sooner Magic” relate to the Regency International Pageant? Well, everything that Sarah Rice wrote on oudaily. Being a part of Regency International means to win or lose, we are still Regency Queens. Behind our competitions lies a group of girls and women full of interesting and exciting people. Like OU, Regency welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel at home. When you’re wearing your sash and crown and people ask you about Regency, there is a twinkle in our eyes because we know we belong to something special Maybe you’re competing year after year, or maybe you’re involved as a titleholder for one year, but you’ll make lifelong friends in the process. And in my opinion, that’s where the magic lies.

Regency International has “Pageant Magic” unlike any other system I’ve seen. It’s a bond of sisterhood and love, inclusivity and openness, it’s a special group that makes the system a special place, and it’s got all that “Pageant Magic” and more.

Quote from Sarah Rice found at http://www.oudaily.com/sooner-magic/article_d772f12b-6fdd-5cc8-a6a8-3fab27cbc689.html

Megan Cline

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