Comprehensive list of pageant awards

Optional Awards

Achievement Award

This is a very special award given to a contestant, by the directors, for their outstanding work on a project they started or created in a community, charity, or group. If no one in the Contestants Division meet this requirement, the award is then awarded to the contestant that the Regency Pageant feels did an outstanding job on another event or events they did not created, but were involved in.

Examples: Started a clothing drive for flood victims at their school, organized a food drive for a food bank, etc.

Community Service Award

This award is presented to the contestant who has the most use of her title to help with community and charity work via appearances and working as a volunteer for charities in her community. (Information obtain by the community service form)

Title Visibility Award

This award is presented to the contestant who has upheld the standards and image of the Regency International Pageant through the most use of her local title via appearances throughout her community. (Information obtain by the Title Visibility Form)


This is a traditional award voted on solely by the contestants and awarded to that contestant who most displayed that spirit of warmth and camaraderie to her fellow contestants.

Directors Award

This award is chosen by the director and pageant staff and is awarded to a local or State Director who has made a positive impression, and has given his or her time to help contestants in their pageants reach their goals and dreams.

People’s Choice Award

Give to the Contestant in Each Division that has the most online Votes during the People Choice On line Contest.

Ad Sales

This award is given to the local titleholder who has generated the most sponsorship through ad sales

Marriage Award

The marriage longevity award given to the contestant who has been married the longest

*Some awards may be given only to one contestant in the pageant.

We give Awards during the Competition based on scores.

Photogenic Winner- Contestant in each Division with the highest Score.


  • Winner
  • 1st Runner Up
  • 2nd Runner Up
  • 3rd Runner Up
  • 4th Runner Up- only if 7 or more contestants
  • 5th Runner Up- only if 8 or more contestants

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